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2023 Mid-Year Proceedings
March 25
-30, 2023

General Session

Family Matters
Dana Isaacs
Animal Transport
Rachel Watkins Rogers
Flying Gardeners
Marisa Boyd
Flock This Way
Carter Kleoppel
Standards for Birds
Cody Yager & Ryan Sadler
Shipping Birds to the EU
Jacob Kraemer
We Build a Barn...Saddle-billed Stork
Amanda Baca
Egg Transfer...Adelie Penguin
Daniela Prado
Utilizing Museum Collections
Taylor Haines
Plume Awards
Steve Sarro

Flight Toward the Future Workshop

Mixed Species Opportunities for Larger Crane Species
Taylor Keddie
Creative Habitat Design
Lauren Wilson
Evolution of a Hatchery
Heather Holtz
Managing Aggression in a Breeding Flock of Lorikeets
Ashley Gwaltney
The Evolution of US Bird Collection
Josef Lindholm
Breeding Mgmt for Yellow-billed Storks
Marcie Herry
HPAI Risk Analysis
HPAI and Bird Husbandry

Program Leaders Meeting

Penguin TAG      Piciformes TAG

Anseriformes TAG

Reproductive Management Center Update
David Powell
Population Management Center Update
Kristine Schad Eebes
Animal Programs Update
Matthew Krcmarik

Galliformes TAG

Coraciformes TAG

Andean Condor Workshop

Andean Condor Workshop Agenda
Conservation in Colombia & Peru
John Azua
National Aviary Partnerships in Ecuador
Kurt Hundgen
Housing and Socializing Juveniles Post-Fledge
Erin Massey & Ron Webb
San Diego Safari Park
Ron Webb & Erin Massey
Breeding Management at the National Aviary
Kurt Hundgen
Breeding at the Denver Zoo
John Azua
Zoo de Granby
Chantal Routhier
Akron Zoological Park
Joe Golgosky
3c ducks feeding on fish
3b duck underwater viewing
3a hooded merganser
5b European Comm. website search
10b s ground hornbills w-tree
5a USDA APHIS website search
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