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           ASAG PLUME AWARDS           

ASAG has created an award program to identify and reward significant achievement in Avian Husbandry in the Captive Animal Field. The recipients of these awards are leaders in our field and committed to furthering avian conservation.
There are two awards per year with a third award given out when merited:

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Plume #1

Long-term Propagation Program

  • This award recognizes excellence in husbandry and future management of a species or group of similar species

  • Must include scope of propagation program and staff.

  • May include in-situ work, reintroduction aspects, etc. if pertinent.

  • Must include longevity of program, participants, and future plans.

  • Must include reasons why this program is worthy of this award.

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Plume #2

Noteworthy Achievement In Avian Husbandry

  • This award recognizes excellence in one facet of husbandry such as first-time breeding, reintroduction programs, breeding consortiums, the reproduction of a difficult species, taking a leading role in population sustainability, etc.

  • Must include details of the achievement and participating staff.

  • Must include future directions for the program.

  • Must include reasons why this program is worthy of this award.

Neon Feathers

Plume #3

Significant Contribution to Zoo Aviculture

  • This award recognizes an individual/institution's exceptional achievement in zoo aviculture

  • awarded periodically

  • must include details of the achievement

  • must include future directions

  • must include reasons why this individual/institution is worthy of this award

Peacock Feather

Plume #4

Noteworthy Achievement in In Situ Projects


Plume #5

Lifetime Achievement in Captive Avian Husbandry

Previous Plume Winners

Riverbanks Zoo and Tracy Aviary- Parent Assist Rearing of Carribean Flamingo Program
Peter Shannon and Patty McGill
no submissions
Honolulu Zoo and Hawai'i Wildlife Center- Manu O Ku (White Tern) Soft Release Program
Achieving Collection Sustainability at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Michelle Smurl- Saving Native Songbirds One Cat at a Time
Dave Rimlinger- For a Lifetime of Dedicated Involvement in Avian Husbandry and Conservation
no submissions
Columbus Zoo- First Breeding of Wood Warblers in a Zoo Setting
Cincinatti Zoo and Botanical Gardens- Year of the Penguin Exhibits and Messaging
no submissions
Sara Hallager- 30+ years of involvement with ASAG, TAG involvement, Kori Bustard SSP/Husbandry, and Ground-breaking work with North American Songbirds
Attwater's Prairie Chicken Captive Rearing Program at Fossil Rim
Smithsonian's National Zoo- Propagation of North American Migratory Songbirds at an AZA Facility
no submissions
no submissions
no submissions
African Penguin Breeding Program at the Maryland Zoo
Captive Breeding and Rearing of the Endangered Sage Grouse at the Calgary Zoo
no submissions
American Kestrel Monitoring Program at the Brandywine Zoo
no submissions
St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park for Continued Propagation of Two Significant African Vultures
Toledo Zoo for the World's First Breeding of the Many Colored Fruit Dove
Wildlife Conservation Society for Little Penguin Health Assessment Using Computed Tomography
Wildlife Conservation Society for the Rehabilitation of African Grey Parrots
no submissions
Eurasian Black/Cinereous Vulture- Comprehensive Management in Captive Populations in North American AZA Institutions and Long-term Studies in Wild Populations Based in Ikh Nart Reserve, Mongolia- Denver Zoo
Mangrove Finch Captive Rearing Program- San Diego Zoo
Chris Holmes and Chelle Plasse
Lesser Adjutant Stork Conservation Research Program at the WCS Bronx Zoo
Dallas Zoo Captive Propagation of the White Backed Vulture
Sherry Branch
Whooping Crane Propagation- International Crane Foundation
Kea Program- Cincinatti Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Mary Healy and Gail Brant
no submissions
SeaWorld San Diego for Artificial Insemination in the Magellanic Penguin
Fred Beall
Micronesian Kingfisher Recovery Program: SSP Management and Propagation- Philadelphia Zoo
Captive Propagation and Translocation of Critically Endangered Golden White-eye- St. Louis Zoo
Beth Bahner- Guam Micronesian Kingfisher SSP
Smithsonian's National Zoo/ White-naped Crane Program
Louisville Zoo/ White-throated Ground Dove SSP
Kathy Brader- Smithsonian's National Zoo
Hawai'i Endangered Bird Conservation Programs
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for Shoebill Stork First Breeding in North America
Susie Kasielke- Egg Incubation Workshops
Long-term Management of the Kori Bustard at the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park
Passerine Breeding Program at the North Carolina Zoo
Propagation of African Spoonbills at Detroit Zoo
Light-footed Clapper Rail Coalition by Chula Vista Nature Center San Diego SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo WAP, USFWS Reserve
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