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The mission of the Avian Scientific Advisory Group is to advocate for avian programs and support the avicultural community in Zoos and Aquariums ensuring the best wellbeing for birds.

ASAG started as an informal group of bird curators, keepers and other interested animal managers that gathered at AZA conferences to discuss avian issues. In 1988, the group put together two avian workshops at the AZA Central Regional conference. The goal of the workshops was to encourage dialogue between bird curators and field researchers on captive management practices. Workshops have been part of an AZA regional conference annually since 1988. 






ASAG helps organize and assist bird curators, collection managers, and keepers to meet their husbandry, population management, conservation and education responsibilities by:

  • Organizing workshops on topics of particular interest to zoo or aquarium bird managers at one AZA regional conference each year. Facilitates selection of workshop topics and regional conference site.

  • Acting as a liaison with: the AZA Board of Directors; WCMC; the AZA office of Legislative and Government affairs; the AZA Animal Welfare Committee; AAZK; SPMAG; IDMAG; Zoo Veterinarians; Zoo Registrars; the Ornithological Council of North America and others.

  • Organizing ASAG meetings at all AZA National conferences and at one AZA Mid-Year each year.

  • Convening strategic planning workshops every 3 – 5 years for long-range planning.

  • Managing a listserv for timely and efficient information exchange.



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